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Ms. V well-known as Velincia Vann, founder and master cosmetologist, is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Single mom of four children with grand kids, with a dream of making it big one day.


She's also known as a survivor of domestic violence and dedicated her business in honor of her baby sister Dawn.

Velincia moved to Atlanta, GA in 2001 where she pursued her career and opened up Dawns of Essence in 2005. Velincia has over 20 years experience in the hair industry and she specializes in short hair mainly.


She's known for her anointed hands and cutting and styling hair. In the midst of diversity and life lessons, Velincia dedicates herself to making a career in the hair industry.


She loves what she does when she transform women's hair from phase 1 to phase 2 and loves watching the smiles at the end.


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